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The growth of our existing Business segments

The existing business segment of Yali Mobility is the elderly and the differently abled (locomotor disability) population. According to the 2011 census in India, 5.5 million are differently abled in locomotor disability. Out of this mentioned above population of disabled, 1.98 million people are under the revenue generating population.

For every person to commute to their workspace or any travel is very mandatory and there is a number of options and choices available. Looking on the availability of this particular sector of locomotor disability their choices are very limited and they find it really hard to commute for their daily living. either they will need assistance or stay back at home doing nothing. this as a person lowers their dignity and makes them ridden at one place.

The current world has started thinking about accessible vehicles available for this community too. the west has already seen success in this. But in developing countries like India, we are still struggling to place things on track.

A study says that by 2020, the mobility device market is expected to reach around 8 billion USD. the market is predicted to be even higher due to various factors as the population are susceptible to drive more towards geriatrics, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. considering these factors, the dependency of assistive technologies will also be increasing. The most common assistive device used in personal mobility is the Wheelchair. the fact to be taken into account is 53% of the consuming population is under 60 years