About Us

Yali Mobility wants to see a future where disability is no longer a hindrance to move. We want to give people with locomotor disability a choice of how they envision their city, and it starts with enabling them to travel without assistance. We strongly believe that with the current policies of the Indian government, it's about time we eliminate the stigma surrounding immobility. Together we shall aspire to make this happen.


We envision to build a product which allows every disabled individual to get access to mobility. We strongly feel full integration, independence, and civil rights of people with locomotor disabilities can be achieved by enabling them access to independent movement. We seek to empower disabled people to take control of their lives independently and give them a sense of belonging with the common masses through this project.


YALI Mobility is looking to build a future where disability is no longer a hassle to mobility. We want to see our product reach every nook and cranny of the country. We are working on bringing more awareness about YALI bikes to the masses through various programmes, workshops and seminars.

Our product has been designed with a lot of care so that people have a better understanding of its functioning, access to bike maintenance and service through our easily understandable manual. We seek to engage stakeholder to pitch in personally and help us in a way to reach our mission.


Our vehicles will be completely user-oriented. It will include best safety practices, space concerns and is equipped with a manual to handle situational warnings. The seamless and straightforward designed UI will give the users a better understanding of the vehicle. The software that comes along will help the riders know their Bike better and would go a long way in assisting the service. The Bike is built with parts ranging from Standard to OEM which makes it easy for the service